What is Hyaluronic Acid?

The Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Complex

Middle-aged and Elderly People

A meaningful gift for loved ones


Strengthening joint fluid and lubrication helps prevent injuries

Injured Individuals

Support for recovery after injury

The 10-year journey”

   As we know, Hyaluronic Acid is the main component in joint fluid, providing nutrition to the joint cartilage. However, due to its large molecular structure and size, it is difficult to absorb through oral intake and also difficult to enter the joint fluid. To provide Hyaluronic Acid, the current methods mainly involve direct injection into the joint.

   Chondroitin in its standalone form does not have a significant effect on the treatment of joint degeneration, but when accompanied by Hyaluronic Acid, it forms a contract to have a clear effect. This has also been proven by research studies worldwide.

Our Story


   We always strive to create unique, highly effective, and reasonably priced products for our customers and the community.

   After 10 years of researching and developing products with the contributions of scientists (PhD/MD specialized in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Rheumatology), Huacomplex has finally been launched. Huacomplex is a product that can be taken orally and has a general effect on joints.

   The name Huacomplex is implied to contain Hyaluronic Acid. After many years on the market, Huacomplex is now available in many large hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies and has gained the trust of many customers who highly appreciate its effectiveness. We hope to continue to develop and bring the best value to our customers.